General Dentistry

Serving Latrobe, Greensburg, and nearby communities in Westmoreland County.

Scott A. Hudimac, DDS takes the time to listen. That’s important. Every step will be taken to make you feel comfortable and to provide as relaxing and pleasant a visit as possible.

Dr. Hudimac takes the time to explain your condition and the treatments available to you (in plain English). You’ll know the ups, the downs, and the costs of each treatment option. We’ll go over payment and insurance issues, and you’ll be comfortable with the choices you make.

For better dental health, contact Scott A. Hudimac, DDS today.

General Dental Care

General Dental Care involves services that focus on the health, care, and good function of your teeth, gums, and supporting structures.

Often, a toothache, broken tooth, missing filling, or some other painful malady brings patients in for general dental care. At the office of Scott A. Hudimac, DDS, you receive gentle dental care with five star service. Emergency appointments are available.

To avoid unexpected dental problems, we recommend regular dental visits every six months to prevent little problems from becoming big ones. (And don’t worry, we have patients who never thought they’d “like” coming to the dentist, but who look forward to their visits now.)

Dental Checkups and Cleanings are important, and with a little tender loving care can be as non-stressful as trip to the barber or an hour in the salon. Don’t believe us? Contact Scott A. Hudimac, DDS today for your first appointment.