Making You Feel Comfortable

Anxiety Reducing Dentistry isn’t just for scaredy cats.

Many people have had legitimate, traumatic dental experiences in their lives and coming to the dentist brings back painful memories. Others need extensive or time-consuming work done and sedation dentistry helps it go more smoothly. A few have uncontrollable dental phobias.

But even if you’re just an ordinary scaredy cat, anxiety reducing dentistry can work for you. Contact Scott A. Hudimac, DDS today, and we’ll help you achieve good dental health - the stress free and pain free way.

Nitrous Oxide

For patients with mild to moderate anxiety the use of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas can make the treatment much more comfortable.  The patient inhales the gas through a nose piece and soon is experiencing a sense of total relaxation that allows them to get the dental treatment done that they need and want without all the fear and stress they normally feel.  Afterwards the patient can resume their normal activities.

Oral Medication

For patients with high to extreme anxiety regarding dental treatment the use of oral medication prior to the appointment works the best. In this case the medication creates a deep sense of relaxation. In fact, some patients fall asleep during the procedure and lose track of time passing. In addition, the medication has an amnesia affect for many people, so that there is little or no memory of the appointment. You should not plan on resuming normal daily activities until the following day.

Many patients with an overwhelming fear of the dentist or those with extremely busy scheduled find this option of great benefit as a large amount of treatment can be done during the appointment, thereby completing the treatment in as little as one visit.

It’s not even necessary to have someone drive you home after your appointment, as the effect wears off quickly.